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Other Services

Special beauty services to help you achieve your ideal face and body
Our one-stop beauty service offered


Botulinum toxin A or Botox injection helps improve the appearance of upper-facial fine lines and change the shape of the face for skin rejuvenation and youthful appearance.

Face & Neck Tite

Fat removing and lifting massages for face and neck using RFAL technology to tighten facial shape.

Facial Lifting

Ending imperfect facial-shape problems with facial lifting treatments which help create more angular of your facial shape and rejuvenate your facial skin.

Meso Fat

Tighten body shape and eliminate excess fat by using Mesotherapy technique: injections of conventional pharmaceutical or homeopathic medications to cause fat reduction.

Non-invasive body tite

To tighten body shape, Non-Invasive Body Tite utilizes RFAL technology, certified worldwide, to perform fat removing massages on selectively targeted areas.


Reduce fine lines, change facial shape, or add fullness to areas of your face by Filler injections.

Bottom Tite

RFAL technology, certified worldwide, helps remove fat and tighten butt skin.


Your Face Program helps nourish facial skin and achieve Korean flawless, healthy-looking skin.

IPL Laser

IPL Laser treatments result a clear complexion and flawless facial skin. IPL Laser technology helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and prevent future acne breakouts either.


Fractora helps reduce acne scars and smooth facial skin texture. To improve complexion, Fractora utilizes two technologies simultaneously for the treatment: radio frequency and beam of light.

RF Treatment

Lifting and reducing dimpled facial skin by using RF-massage technology, radio frequency massage, to heat subcutaneous tissue while massaging the face.


We offer skin treatment and counseling services to help you improve your skin complexion from diagnostic skin disorders that bother your beauty appearance and to become healthy-looking skin again.

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