The Young Clinic | Vaser
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Fat Removal

VASER Liposuction

Fat removal using Vaser Liposuction technology is the ending solution for every woman who attempts perfect body shape but has no interest in workout. The young Clinic provides you safe and effective options which require only few hours to achieve perfect body shape without the need to exercise.

Reveal Firm and Tight Skin after Fat Removal Treatment

VASER Smooth 2.2

VASER SMOOTH 2.2-a new medical innovation approved and commonly used in USA- utilizes the unique technique: ultrasonic energy. The ultrasonic energy, used in VASER SMOOTH 2.2 selectively breaks apart fatty tissue which simplifies the process of eliminating excess fat in selectively targeted areas. This technology is capable of incredibly removing fat only in one-time operation and also has a secondary effect of tightening skin.

Fat Removal with Vaser Technology

VASER Smooth 2.2

VASER SMOOTH 2.2 machine can remove the excess fat in selectively targeted areas without harming or causing damages to adjacent tissues, blood vessels, or nerve cells surrounding the fat cells. You won’t suffer anxiety of bruising since VASER SMOOTH 2.2 machine helps reduce bruising and requires less recovery time when compared to other fat removal technologies. Clearly, it has only few impacts on skin.

Safety Ensured with International Safety Standards

VASER Smooth 2.2

VASER SMOOTH 2.2 is a high-standard technology whose safety is approved and effectiveness is accepted for fat removal. At The Young Clinic, we own and operate the VASER SMOOTH 2.2 machine either, only ten of which could be found in Thailand.

Pre-operative instruction for VASER


1. Make sure to get enough sleep before the day of operation.
2. Refrain from taking nutritional supplements, vitamins, and alcohol for one week before the day of operation.
3. Do not travel alone or come by yourself. You’ll need to arrange for a family member or friend to come along .
4. Be sure to remove nail polish before the day of operation.
5. Remove accessories: necklace, ring, watch, earring, etc.
6. Remove eye contacts.
7. You’ll be given a piece cloth to wear. Take off your bra and change into disposable underwear given.